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Personal Injury Cases in Orange County, California

Personal injury cases are handled very differently than criminal cases. In a criminal case, a defendant is on trial for their freedom. In a personal injury case, a defendant is on trial for their money. In a personal injury case, a defendant may be a person, business, or government. The money that is awarded to the plaintiff in a personal injury case is referred to as damages. The practice of seeking damages for injuries is governed by the law of torts. A tort is a dispute between two parties regarding civil wrongs.

Examples of instances when a person may attempt to collect damages in court for injuries sustained are vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, work injuries, injuries sustained as the result of a service provided by a company, etc. Basically, any time a person gets hurt, they are legally entitled to request damages from the person or entity that they believe is responsible for their injury. The court will decide which side is entitled to damages and may decide to award the plaintiff some, none, or all of their requested damages. Under the eyes of the law, an injury is not just physical, so a person can be awarded damages for psychological or emotional trauma as well.

An Orange County personal injury attorney is a great resource to consult with if a citizen of Orange County feels they are entitled to damages from a third party. An attorney trained in these matters has real world court room experience and can advise the potential client on their odds of success and the best course of action to take. An attorney can also provide assistance in coming up with a fair amount of damages to request.

In the event that a particular case is more complex than usual, an attorney can coordinate efforts and resources with other service providers like private investigators (to track down witnesses) and forensic experts (to review evidence). It’s possible to do this without a lawyer, but lawyers spend their careers maintaining industry contacts and they generally know who can provide the best service for the best price. Attorneys can also handle the stacks of paperwork that comes from requesting a personal injury judgment in court.

In some cases, a person or entity may decide that going to court would be more costly that offering the plaintiff an out of court settlement. A person who hires experienced personal injury lawyers in California is also getting a skilled negotiator to fight for their best interests when a potential defendant wants to settle out of court. An attorney may be able to secure a large amount of damages for their client without ever having to step foot in a court room.

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